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WRT160N Fan Mod : 4 Steps - Instructables Router: Cisco/Linksys WRT160N (Rev.3) - DD-WRT v24 (Build 14896 firmware) While this is a very crude mod, my WRT160N was running a bit hotter than normal with the DD-WRT firmware (antenna output cranked up to 85mw). So, a simple mod with a 2" fan soldered to the power connector a 1.75" hole, and some temporary pedestals until I go to the hobby shop. Linksys WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Tri-Stream 160 Gigabit Wi-Fi Jan 08, 2017 Joanna's blog | Every day is a new beginning :) | WRT 160 Every day is a new beginning :) | WRT 160. Research Project: During unit two, we had to work in groups, which was my least favorite.Our research question was how GPA affects people who commute or live on campus; we wanted to compare the two.

1. Make my wrt160n v1 bridged client with DD-WRT firmware - and set up a new wrt160n/wrt610n as my main router. 2. Buy a wep610n and set this by the TV. The first choice make possibility for 4 connections. The second only 1 connection. What should my choice be - any recommendations are appreciated.

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