Mar 29, 2017

Aug 10, 2011 · The religious freedom advocacy group Open Doors has listed North Korea at No. 1 on its annual World Watch List of countries most hostile to Christians for the past nine consecutive years. The rest of the top 10 on its 2011 list were Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Maldives, Yemen, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Laos. Least Religious Countries 2020 For thousands of years, religion has brought people of nations together … and in some cases, has torn them apart. Surveys and studies are used to show the most and least religious countries based on religious beliefs, the number of residents that “feel” religious, and how nations perceive other nations. Bosnia is one of those countries, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Cameroon, Niger and some other countries do too. There are tough times in Indonesia for non Muslims and normal Muslims, there is troubl Some of the most censored nations in the world are North Korea, Burma, Turkmenistan, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Eritrea, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Syria, and Belarus. Citizens of these countries are virtually isolated by authoritarian rulers who see access to information as a threat to their rule. Oct 03, 2017 · More than one in five countries has an official state religion, with the majority being Muslim states, and a further 20% of countries have a preferred or favoured religion. People do not have the same freedom of religion from one country to another. Theocracies (Vatican City, Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Maldives and the Islamic Republic of Iran) are countries where the clergy exercises power in the name of God and where the practice of other religions is formally prohibited and/or strictly controlled.

May 03, 2019 · Respondents to the 2019 Best Countries survey say these nations offer the most religious freedom. By U.S. News Staff May 3, 2019 By U.S. News Staff May 3, 2019, at 2:47 p.m.

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5.3 billion people face harsh religious freedom restrictions

The 10 Countries With the Most Religious Freedom, Ranked May 03, 2019 Global Restrictions on Religion | Pew Research Center Mar 12, 2020 8 Countries Where Religious Freedom Is Actually Under Mauritania. An activist named Mohammad Cheikh Ould Mohammad (also known as “MKheytir”) is … Countries in the world with the most freedom - Business