May 10, 2009

[dag@emyn ~]# qla-autoconf -l IBM FAStT Host Bus Adapter 2x00 auto configuration: Number of HBAs: 2 Number of paths per HBA: 8 Firmware: 3.03.01 Total number of paths: 16 Driver: 7.01.01-fo Config 2/2 used for node emyn Adapter 1/2 Node 1 HBA 1: Path 1/16: Device IBM FAStT 600T 5 (lores) port A/2 ^^^^ Visible (00) with failover priority 0, prefered bitmask: 0000.. Autoconf Tutorial Part-1 - Carpe diem (Felix's blog) Many unix or unix-like system make use of the simplicity of these installation steps. The linux distros usually provides custom command line options to the ./configure to customize the build, and further repackage it with rpm or dpkg. Autoconf is not only a build system, it also does many system compatibility checks. Rpm issue with autoconf-2.63-1.AIX6.1.noarch.rpm

Created attachment 1650843 Patch to have redhat-rpm-config fix broken configure files in place Description of problem: This is the final patch to redhat-rpm-config for LTO enablement (and I suspect the most controversial). One of the things we found when evaluating LTO builds for Fedora was that LTO has a tendency to compromise various autoconf tests.

yum - How do I install automake and autoconf on RedHat

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Adding 3rd party components to Yocto/OpenEmbedded Linux Feb 22, 2016 Installing the CentOS Development Tools (gcc, flex, etc Mar 22, 2012 104642 - can't regenerate configure with autoconf 2.5 I would like to avoid the hackery for this, preserving the ability to run ../configure --enable-application=browser; make; and have firefox come out the other end. autoconf-2.13 remains a good solution and it is available as an RPM, so unless somebody is signing up to do the autoconf2.5x work this is really WONTFIX.