Apr 12, 2014

Machinename\Users: Traverse folder / execute file + List folder / read data + Read attributes + Create folders / append data ~ This folder only. This allows the current SAS process to create the _TD12345_MachineName_ folder under F:\SASWork\Lev1. This directory, subfolders, and files are owned by the user who has launched the SAS process. Add-NTFSAccess - NTFSSecurity Traverse Folder / Execute File, List Folder / Read Data, Read Attributes, Read Extended Attributes, Read Permissions Modify Everything except Full Control, Delete … Set up Azure Files storage for User personalization layers Jun 09, 2020

Also: the Traverse folder / execute file permission is akin to the Unix folder permission chmod +x giving normal access to the folder via the cd (change directory) command. I don't see any good reason why this folder permission should not be added to a user or group who already has confirmed read+write access to the folder.

List audited users in a folder or file - Content Authoring Jun 14, 2019

Apr 18, 2018

Traverse Folder/Execute File I have given an authenticated user this right (Traverse Folder/Execute File)+ List Folder/Read Data , Read Attributes ,Read Extended Attributes,Read Permissions. User can expand the folder where those permissions are applied , but he can't open any subfolders under this folder. So I don't understand the meaning of :